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Grand opening of Museum Bar f/FANTASIA…

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story & photos by: George Butler with words by: Cutty Shark

This past weekend we attended the Grand Opening of Atlanta Museum Bar. The structure was originally built in the 1890’s for the St. Stephen’s Missionary Baptist Church. It has now been completely renovated to be a integral part of Atlanta’s thriving nightlife.

What better way to kick it off than with a live performance by none other than Fantasia! If you’ve never seen her live than you truly know why she deserved to win ‘American Idol’. Probably the most successful winner in ‘Idols’ history, she gave a heartfelt performance.
Fantasia took the time to state she will not be attending the Grammy’s this year. In her words, she is boycotting an institution that she feels has turned their back on R&B Singers with its noticeable lack of recognition in recent years.

Make sure you stay tuned for what is sure to be noteworthy performances and events coming to the Atlanta Museum Bar, located at 181 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd.


“Give it up for Fantasia!!!” (in my Fantasia voice)

Fantasia Barrino is a performer by nature. When she hits the stage, it’s completely over… She commands it; it’s hers!!! You might want to go where ever you need to go to catch this girl live on stage. It is truly not a joke. I bet you leave loving her like crazy. When that lip starts to quiver and she kicks off those 6 inch heels – IT’S ON!


Check out a throw back Fantasia LIVE performance from the ER vault (we couldn’t tape at Museum Bar):

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