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EL DEBARGE – Second Chance

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On the heels of his BET Awards surprise performance, El Debarge has emerged from his hiatus to reclaim the spot at the tip-top of the R&B throne. After more than a decade, El has resurfaced with a vengeance; his pipes are still oiled & silky smooth. His falsetto voice is still as clear as it was when we first heard him sing, “oooh, and I like it.”

El Debarge took charge of the stage at Atlanta, Georgia’s Center Stage on October 28, 2010 to a packed house. Both men & women rushed the stage as if at the Apollo Theater in New York. It was great to see El control the stage, as well as the crowd. As he touched women’s hands, they screamed! Men held their women tight, and women hugged their men around the waste as they sang with El to each other. It was great! El Debarge brought love back…


Don’t believe me?! Check out the live footage as El croons. He sang all of his old hits: ‘All This Love’; ‘Love Me in A Special Way’; ‘They’ll Never Be’; ‘Stay With Me’; ‘I Like It’; ‘Time Will Reveal’, plus many more.

Second Chance is set to hit stores on November 30, 2010. Congratulations & Continued Success to El Debarge. Welcome back home. We missed you!!!

***Special thanks to: El Debarge for talking with me after the show, Pam Farmer, and Jimmy Dixon***

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