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Rolls Royce Rizzy f/Twista, K.Camp & Jermaine Dupri #Gah Damn (video)

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Artist/Rapper, Rolls Royce Rizzy has been putting in work for years getting his music out to the masses in Atlanta and the world as an independent artist. Well, the grind has paid off! He has inked a deal with Jermaine Dupri’s SoSoDef/RCA label to keep his name alive and kicking for a long time to come. Rizzy didn’t waste any time getting on set to shoot his first video under the moniker, “Gah Damn” (remix) f/Twista, Jermaine Dupri & K. Camp.

On Tuesday, June 24, 2014 the crew set out to College Park (Old National Hwy); Jermaine Dupri’s stomping grounds to shoot the video for his first single. “When I heard the record, it reminded me of how people talk in Atlanta,” said Jermaine Dupri. “Atlanta is getting away from showing off its culture. ATL is not just about going to the club. There’s an entire lifestyle here that’s unique to any other place in the world.”

Rolls Royce Rizzy is on the fast-track to the top. His new music will drop this summer. Look out for the slick-tongued spitter. But… For now, check out some behind the scenes footage of his new video “Gah Damn” dropping soon to a television near you… Congrats Rizzy. We got ya’ back…

photo/video credit: Briana Crudup for

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Jagged Edge – Restoring your “Hope” in a Man…

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 photo J_E__HOPE_Announcement_FINAL1.jpg

They’re back!!! On the contrary, they have never left! One of the industry’s longest-lasting platinum selling male groups is preparing their 8th studio album for the world. On June 17th (today), original members Brandon, Brian, Kyle & Wingo released their first single off the highly anticipated, ‘JE Heartbreak Too’. ‘Hope’; a classic R&B single, was written by Brandon & Brian Casey and Bryan Michael Cox. “We want women to understand that there are still great men out here. We are trying to put ‘Hope’ back into the women. All men are not dogs. Maybe you’ve been in a couple of bad relationships before me, but this time I’m going to make it better for you.” Wingo said.

Known as one of the most successful R&B Male groups in music, Jagged Edge has reconnected with Jermaine Dupri (SoSo Def) in a joint collaboration with their brand, Hard Case Records to give us the sequel to (2000) J.E. Heartbreak, which sold over 2 million copies. The group (with all original members) has been performing since 1996 and after 7 albums; 8 million records sold, they have no plans to stop pushing out great music for the world to enjoy. So just the pure mention of the words “come back” is ludicrous! They have been nowhere but out here rocking stages and putting in work to make the best music that they can produce, write, compose and perform!!!

 photo JE_Hope_Image.jpg
“Our first priority for every member of the group is Jagged Edge and it’s going to be that way as long as we’re out here. I just feel like we want to continue that. We don’t want people to feel like we fell off or we’re coming back. The music is where it’s supposed to be; our voices are where it’s supposed to be, and we’re still banging.”
Brandon Casey stated.

I know you Ladies sometimes feel like the lyrics, “Can’t take another Heartbreak!!!” But… This time you can – It’s Jagged Edge; JE Heartbreak Too, coming to you in the Fall/Winter 2014. Look out for a masterpiece… Grammys where you at?!!!

“Making a sequel to a classic album is difficult,” Jermaine Dupri stated. “It’s definitely a challenge, but the fans won’t be disappointed.”

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Think Like A Man Too – Red Carpet Treatment

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 photo TLAMposter.jpg

Yesterday, Atlanta, Georgia gave the cast of ‘Think Like A Man Too’ extreme Red Carpet Treatment as we enjoyed the advance screening of the sequel to ‘Think Like A Man’. The movie is a spin-off of Steve Harvey’s bestseller: Act Like A Lady – Think Like A Man.

Think Like A Man Too opens in theaters everywhere on June 20, 2014. Support Creativity. Just another notch under the Will “Power” Packer Machine. The movie itself was entertaining & funny, while relaying a positive message.

THINK LIKE A MAN TOO talent in attendance included Kevin Hart, Terrence Jenkins, La La Anthony, Romany Malco, Will Packer and Tim Story. Special Red Carpet Guests included Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, R. Kelly, Rob Hardy, Letoya Luckett, Meelah Williams, Yung Joc, Kenny Burns, Carlos Emmons, Egypt Sherrod, Takeo Spikes, Keke Wyatt, Leanne “Lelee” Lyons, Mariah Huq, Lisa Nicole Cloud, Tameka Raymond, Momma Dee, Demetria McKinney, Bambi and Dice.

Check out some pics:

 photo TLAMdice.jpg  photo TLAMlelee.jpg  photo TLAMmayor.jpg  photo TLAMromanymalco.jpg  photo TLAMlala.jpg  photo TLAMkevinlala.jpg  photo TLAMkevinhart.jpg  photo TLAMterrenceJ.jpg  photo TLAMluda.jpg  photo TLAMyoungjoc.jpg  photo TLAMbobbyvalentino.jpg  photo TLAMEgypt.jpg  photo TLAMwillpowerpacker.jpg

Photo Credit: Briana Crudup for Briana Crudup Photography

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ERIKA KENNEDY – A Star is Born!

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 photo NoTimeforlove-2.jpg

All Actors and Actresses start their roads with a dream. A dream to live life to the fullest; a dream to live life through the love of being a creative spirit; a dream to be on the big screen. This week has been a dream come true for Actress, Erika Kennedy.

A 6-year-old girl gazes at the television set; picturing herself on the screen delivering emotions & dialogue to perfection. That little girl is now a grown woman, delivering emotions & dialogue on the big screen. That woman is Erika Kennedy. The dream has been transformed to life. Acting on stage has been a part of Erika’s life since she was a teen. She has been perfecting her craft for her entire life and it is now time to reap the benefits. An actor/actress is always learning; always striving to be better. Kennedy is now learning that anything worth having is worth working hard for, and she has had her share of ups n downs in the entertainment industry. The world will get to see a work in progress; a shining; rising star. The Erika Kennedy Project is under way. Fasten your seat belts; it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014 was the backdrop to the world premiere of Creative Genius Films and Erika Kennedy’s double feature debut (No Time For Love and Annulment). Peter Thomas’ (RHOA), Bar One Tapas Lounge was the spot for the premiere party where the cast hosted a meet & greet to introduce themselves to fans. Thomas came out to personally congratulate lead actress, Erika Kennedy on her work and continued success. It was a great night and prepared us for the follow-up: the screening of the double feature on Thursday, April 17, 2014 at The Landmark Theater in Midtown.

 photo erikakennedy.jpg

***What emotions were you feeling last night during your Big Screen Debut?***

“I was eager to get the reaction from the crowd and excited for everyone to see what I had accomplished. I felt really good about my performances in both movies and wanted that confirmation from the crowd.”

***How was it working with the Director/Cast?***

“It was great! Me and Sayyed Shabazz (my co-star in Annulment) are both Alabama State Univ Alumni and have been friends since 2008, I was actually at his premiere when I was introduced to the production team. It really feels like a family, everyone working on each other’s projects and all…”

***What did you learn about your talent during filming?***

“I learned that feeling the moment is most important when filming a scene. There were so many scenes in ‘No Time for Love’ when I was actually feeling those exact emotions… Yearning to kiss my co-star or being irritated that it took me forever to get to set because I got turned around. I was able to channel all of my emotions in order to get the best takes.”

***Your acting range is awesome, how do you channel the characters that you play?***

“I channel the moment, what that character feels and why. Along with that, there have been so many random nights when I have pretended to be a secret spy just going from one room to the next wanting to go undetected, LOL! My imagination is crazy… I really just put myself in that moment.”

***Did you have a favorite? Annulment or No Time For Love? Why?***

“My favorite was ‘No Time for Love’, I had never played the soft romantic side and it was fun to be light and girly on screen.”

***What advice would you give to aspiring actors/actresses?***

“Do it because you love it. I act simply because I love movies so much. There are levels to this and every project makes you so much better. If you do it because you love it the success will come and if it doesn’t you didn’t lose anything because you loved every moment of it.”

 photo erikapeter.jpg
Erika Kennedy with Peter Thomas (Owner, Bar One Atl)

***What is the Erika Kennedy Project?***

“It’s my road to stardom. I act, produce, write and cast for independent projects. I got the idea from this movie project I saw once called ‘The Green Light Project’, it produced this horror movie called, ‘Feast’. I loved the movie and the process it took. They took independent script written by an unknown and took it step by step to the finish line. The Erika Kennedy Project is my step by step process to the Oscars.?”

***What projects are you currently working on?***

“Currently I am wearing my producer hat as producer of a web-series based here in Atlanta called ‘LuxeLife Atlanta’. It’s a scripted series about Professional men living luxe and loving women of their same caliber. I’m very proud of this project especially when I see the beautiful multicultural cast that headline the show.”

To Learn more about Erika Kennedy, go to:








***Instagram: @Kennedy_Starr

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DJ EDDIE F. – Legendary Status (video)

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On March 27, 2014 Apache Café and Kevin Shine (The Firm) hosted their monthly ‘Writing Sessions America’ event. This month’s event was the Singer/Songwriters Mixer with a special series dedicated to celebrating the Birthday of Legendary DJ/Producer/Songwriter/Entrepreneur, DJ Eddie F. with special guest Donell Jones. The Mount Vernon native gave a Q&A session, a special performance by Donell and an Exclusive interview with

 photo ferrell-1.jpg

DJ Eddie F. is known for being the co-founder/DJ of the famed hip-hop group, Heavy D & the Boyz. He is also the founder/owner of Untouchables Entertainment Group. Ferrell is a multifaceted talent in the music, television & film industries whom has worn many hats in his career. He is a DJ, Producer, Songwriter, Arranger, Executive and an Entrepreneur.

Eddie made his debut in 1987 as a founding member of Heavy D & the Boyz; his production career began with the release of their debut album, ‘Living Large’. He produced the smash hit “Mr. Big Stuff”, then followed it up with the platinum certified, ‘Big Tyme’ and ‘Peaceful Journey’; garnering hits such as: “Somebody For Me” and “You Ain’t Heard Nothing Yet”. Eddie created a massive force with the production company: Untouchables Entertainment Group, in which his team (including Donell Jones) wrote, produced, and remixed songs for the likes of: TLC, Mary J. Blige, LL Cool J, Mariah Carey, Will Smith, Jodeci, Destiny’s Child, and Run DMC, to name a few. He was also instrumental in developing the career of Sean “P.Diddy” Combs.

 photo gal-hiphop-heavydtheboyz-jpg.jpg

In the 90’s, DJ Eddie F. put on his Executive hat as he added Vice President of A&R for LaFace Records to his Vita; assisting in the management of such acts as: Outkast, Usher, TLC and Toni Braxton. He was also responsible for creating the theme song for the series, “In Living Color”. This is where the DJ etched himself in history once again by signing Donell Jones, a young; hungry singer/songwriter from Chicago to his Untouchables moniker, and got his first hit record on the label.

 photo my_heart.jpg  photo Donell-Jones-Where-I-Wanna-Be.jpg

Currently, DJ Eddie F. is keeping his feet in the fire by staying busy and chasing new dreams & goals. He is producing music for Film and Television, which includes TV Networks, Scoring, and Commercials. He is still an active part of the music industry; producing tracks for the likes of: Anthony Hamilton, Chris Brown and Jaheim to name a few.

Continued success to DJ Eddie F. and Happy Birthday #TeamARIES

***Check out video of DJ Eddie F. interview with special performances by Donell Jones***

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(Video) DondriaNicole premieres new Single – “Coat Tail”

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Check out DondriaNicole at the ASCAP Offices… Ready, set, go!!!

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DondriaNicole – Unleash the Beast! #CoatTail

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 photo dondriastory.jpg

Tuesday night, February 25, 2014 was a special day in Music Industry history. On this night, ASCAP played host to the exclusive unveiling of the ‘Artist Formerly Known as Dondria’. The refined; reinvented; restyled, ‘DondriaNicole’ gave the fans what they came to see as she took part in an Exclusive Q&A to talk about her new look and her new project. She also performed her new single, “Coat Tail” to an acoustic set. DN displayed her talent with pure vocal ability & control. She is a Grown Woman now!

It was only a short time ago when the singer burst onto the music scene as a YouTube phenomenon. Actively sought out by industry mogul Jermaine Dupri, Dondria later signed to
SoSo Def Recordings in Atlanta, GA under her moniker Dondria aka Phatfffat. In 2010, her debut album was released, ‘Dondria vs. Phatfffat’. She garnered notable success from many singles on the album, such as: “You’re The One”, “Shawty Wus Up”, “Makin Love”, and favorite; “Where Did We Go Wrong”, co-written by Dondria. This rising star has toured with Monica and Trey Songz on the “Passion Pain & Pleasure” tour.

That was then; this is now!

 photo So-So-Def-Dondria-Changes-Name-to-DondriaNicole.jpg

Not only is she a little older now, she is more seasoned in the Industry and is ready to unleash the beast! She is prepared to show the world who DondriaNicole is! And… “Coat Tail” is where she is beginning. “This single is about self-worth and loving yourself,” said DondriaNicole. “Many of us women are scared to be confident, independent and own who we are. For the longest, I was afraid, but now is the time! This single is savvy, sexy and just what we women need to say in order to gain respect we deserve.”

You gotta respect that!

DondriaNicole has a new EP to be released early summer 2014 under the SoSo Def Label. She’s working hard, writing, collaborating and working smart. And now, I humbly introduce you to the new and improved; our Lady of the Hour: DondriaNicole.

Listen to: Coat Tail:

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Marlon Wayans talks “A Haunted House 2″

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 photo ahh2WayansLead.jpg

Marlan Wayans made his way to Atlanta to do a Q&A session with selected media to talk about the second installment of his movie – A Haunted House. Wayans discussed the difference between the two movies and why ‘A Haunted House 2’ was necessary to be filmed. “It’s a franchise that’s all my own; my own baby. AHH2 is not a continuation of the first movie, and it is not a parody of scary movies.” Wayans commented.

Coming from an extremely creative; talented family, Wayans is the writer and producer of the Haunted House franchise. His Q&A was like a mini-standup session. He had the room in stitches just being himself, talking about his ideas, creative process, and communicating with his audience. It was a good experience.

 photo WayansAHH2.jpg

A Haunted House 2 premieres in Theaters on April 18, 2014. Go out and support creativity.

“When you have strong creative minds that can make people laugh, the best thing you can do is to continue to create new stuff.” MARLON WAYANS

photo credit: Briana Crudup

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The TLC Story: Drew Sidora channels Tionne Watkins (T-Boz)

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 photo TLC_biopic_5.jpg

“T-Boz said when she saw my tape, she said: That’s Her!!!”

Some say that Acting means “to be over the top.” Others say that the talent is just to be someone else. In my opinion, true Acting is to be unselfish; to leave yourself behind in spirit; to completely be the person that you are portraying. Drew Sidora did just that! She forgot about herself in the moment and truly became Tionne Watkins (T-Boz) of the legendary group TLC. “Thankfully, it was a lot of emotion to give. In life, you go through a lot of things. For me; the things I went through both good & bad helped, but obviously the bad emotional things: the hurts & pains, the losses, and the struggles is what stuck out. I had to rely on those true emotions to emote that.” Drew Sidora explained. “Then I had to bring to life what I felt was Tionne Watkins, because we know who T-Boz is; her swag & persona. But… We don’t see T-Boz crying. So that was a peek inside her personal life, and for us to relate to her as a human being. That was my challenge in doing the film, to bring Tionne Watkins to this film; her vulnerabilities and her not so strong, glamorous, and not so cool moments.”

Since the early 90’s we have witnessed TLC begin as a thriving girl group to blossoming into full-fledged legends of the game. The world has seen their lives played out as if they weren’t real people. What we didn’t allow them to do is be human beings! Yes – T-Boz, Left-Eye & Chilli are super talented. But, they are the same as you and me: with hurts, pains, troubles, losses, families, fears, etc. Yes – we love them, as well as the music they gave/give to the universe. But, let the ladies breathe; be human, without adding the extra burden of treating them as if they can’t have problems. The biopic was great at showing that great talent doesn’t come without hurdles. Most of their music was born from their inner thoughts; their personal stories. I personally loved it, and love them more for sharing their personal; true story. “It broke a lot of records that day. Overall, it was very inspirational and a great message to raise a lot of great conversation that we need to be having right now. Like, financial struggles; in which we all face. And, being knowledgeable in business and various careers. That was definitely to get across to the viewers.” Sidora said.

 photo drewtboz.jpg

“I got to play the coolest person ever! It was an out of body experience for me.
It was a TLC Boot Camp: the singing, dancing; getting their swag;
her emotional state. Basically, picking her brain and getting to know her.
And, I understood her.”

In having a conversation with Drew and watching her portrayal of T-Boz, you get a first-hand look & feel at how much the ladies of TLC truly loved and supported one another. A lot of times, the cameras and media can be very one-sided. The TLC Story showed multiple sides of the story. All three ladies did a great job at stepping into the shoes of the best-selling girl group of all time for a brief moment. “OMG! They were very excited about how we portrayed them. They felt that we really nailed them! That was the biggest compliment.” Drew shared. “You do want to please the fans, but most importantly please the people that you are playing. I mean, this is their life; their true story. And what big shoes to fill (TLC). You just want to see them happy & pleased with the performance.” I sincerely commend: Drew Sidora, Lil Mama & KeKe Palmer on a job well done.

Drew Sidora is a seasoned Actress with roles on: The Game, Step Up, That’s So Raven and White Chicks, just to name a few. In addition, she is a singer/songwriter formerly signed to J Records. She has been signed to Slip n Slide Records since 2008. After coming off the success of her first single on the label (Juke It), she is preparing to drop her new single and promises it will be a banger. “It’s a great record that I’m really excited about. I’m just letting people know who I am: a girl from Chicago; to where I am mentally, and what I’m all about. I can’t wait.”

Not only does she have a multitude of talents to entertain, she truly cares and lives to empower & inspire the youth. In early November 2013, Drew Sidora launched her Dream Makers Foundation in hometown – Chicago, Illinois. “Dream Makers is basically advocating for young girls and young women that have been affected by the gun violence and [other issues] and giving them performing arts and entertainment workshops.”

 photo TLC-T-Boz-Biopic.jpg

“Her mannerisms were my biggest challenge.
I had to go to a trainer to get her physical frame.
It was a lot of challenges, but I was totally ready for it!”

To conclude, Drew gave the utmost compliment to the girls of TLC, as well as the cast and crew that made this biopic come to life. “Great job to our Director, Charles Stone III – He’s a visionary! I believed everybody in the TLC Cast. It definitely takes a team. Everybody bought their A-Game from our set designer, to our hairstylists, and our make-up artists. If it wasn’t for them, the physical look wouldn’t have been accomplished. It was just a blessing and a great project to be a part of.”

Follow Drew Sidora on twitter – @DrewSidora and dial 7-2-7-2-7 on your cell phone for updates on everything Drew Sidora….

Congrats baby girl on a fantastic job, continued success and ChiTown Love!!!! Save me some Harold’s…

TIl the next time….
Cutty Out!!!

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MC Lyte: Still Crams to Understand

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 photo mclyte3.jpg

“Always! That’s how I learn.”
MC Lyte said when asked, Do you still Cram to Understand?

MC Lyte is a true Icon & Legend in Hip-Hop. She has managed to successfully parlay her rap career into being and Activist, a DJ, Voice-Over Queen, and now; On-Air Radio Personality. Along with Loni Love & Angelique Perrin, MC Lyte will be the new face & voice of Sheila Eldridge’s, Cafe Mocha Radio on Majic 107.5. Now that’s staying relevant. Another dream realized; another vision actualized.

“Because hip-hop wasn’t 24 hrs available then, DJ’s were very selective on what they wanted to play. They played from their heart.”

Lyte born Lana Moorer has been one of the pioneering forces in hip-hop since the late 80’s. Her debut album, ‘Lyte as a Rock’ was released in September 1988. She has been noted as the first solo female artist to release a full album. And, it hit hard; gaining worldwide acclaim. The Grammy nominated artist has exercised her acting chops on Television, Film & Theater. She has also embarked on a very successful voice-over career, which started in 1996. Wow, that voice!

***Check out my talk with MC Lyte***

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